A MasterMIND like no other

Accelerate your rate of value creation


Our Mission:

To ensure each member is growing personally and professionally in order to achieve extraordinary business results and a 10x+ return on their MasterMIND investment.  

How we do this:

Incorporate the same process and tools we have used to help thousands of leaders grow their businesses to leverage each member’s knowledge to improve your results.


  • Limited to 8 leaders per group, monthly in-person meetings with virtual access (6 hours)
  • Robust vetting ensures members add extraordinary value to the group
  • Bi-monthly deep dive into your business
  • Members deep understanding of each others’ businesses significantly increases the quality of questions, feedback and strategic actions
  • Expertly facilitated to ensure peers are leaning in to help add the most value
  • Software drives transparency and accountability to address the biggest opportunities

You should join if you:

  •  Are willing to add value to the group in order to get value
  • Are coachable and can incorporate candid feedback
  • Can openly share your biggest challenges and metrics
  • Don’t need to be the smartest person in the room
  • Are seriously interested in accelerating the value your organization creates!

Investment: $25k/year

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