How it works

Implementing the MIND Methodology begins with a certified facilitator collaborating with your team to solidify your Most Important Number, Drivers, and the actions that will accelerate results.


The Most Important Number

We start by identifying and aligning your team around your Most Important Number (MIN), which is your overarching measure of success. The correct MIN, and supporting KPIs, get everyone moving in the same direction.


Drivers are what your team can leverage to achieve the MIN. We help you identify your Drivers and then prioritize which ones to focus on. These In Focus Drivers are where the team agrees to concentrate their efforts in order to accelerate results.

Actions Commitments


Next, we work with your team to identify and commit to the actions that create the greatest value. We call this doing the right work in the right order at the right time. This shifts the focus from activities to outcomes.

MIND Meetings

Regular MIND Meetings are where your team aligns on what is most important and analyzes if their actions are moving the needle. The meetings are where the Methodology becomes a habit that helps you run your business smarter.

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