MIND Methodology

Application always beats theory. The MIND Methodology never puts process over what is most important!


Most Important Number

We start by identifying your MIN.

The Most Important Number is your north star. It incentivizes desired behaviors and guides decision-making that leads to improved results. It is the one number, above all others, that accurately measures your success.



Next, we create your Drivers. 

Drivers are the categories of work your team can leverage to achieve the Most Important Number. Because not everything is of equal importance, we identify which Drivers will have the greatest impact on the MIN, and we put these In Focus.


Action Items

Intentionally identifying the work that drives results.

By assigning action items specific to the Drivers we hold ourselves and each other accountable for doing the right work, in the right order, at the right time to achieve the Most Important Number


KPI Scoreboard

Knowing what to measure.

Data is invaluable, but more is not always better. We help you define the most critical metrics to guide decision-making and provide an accurate snapshot of progress. 


MIND Meetings

Weekly MIND Meetings hold it all together. 

This is where we measure progress, celebrate success, make data-driven decisions, and align on the next steps. By checking in and updating actions prior to the meeting, everyone is up to speed and ready to hit the ground running.

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