Tom Pierce

Tom is a leadership performance coach who helps leaders and their organizations grow, succeed, and improve their lives through strategic approaches and proven methods. Tom made his career by leading and growing organizations from small startups to Fortune 75 organizations.

My focus

Tom helps senior leaders align their organizations to make better decisions and drive accountability for faster and better execution of their strategic initiatives.

About Tom

Tom works with senior leadership teams to align and transform their organizations, make better decisions, execute their strategy, improve accountability, and scale their businesses by doing the right work, in the right order, at the right time! 
He has lived and worked on six continents, leading and growing global businesses to deliver
results in culturally diverse organizations, including a business in a Fortune 75. He provides companies with critical insights and connects them to their desire for business success through a unique and creative methodology.  
Tom was brought in to turn around a failing division of a large international company. This
division lacked a market-centric strategy, its staff was demoralized through yearly leadership transitions, and it struggled with an ineffective management operating system. Tom installed a growth strategy, built a robust management operating system, and rebuilt the culture within two years. Business performance dramatically improved, and employee and executive leadership confidence was restored. 
His leadership experience spans high-growth startups to running a business unit for a Fortune 75. Tom has worked with organizations worldwide: US, Europe, India, China, Asia, and South America. His ability to strategically unify leaders and their people is fueled by his dedication to creating a culture of leadership alignment, decision making, and accountability to drive results and long-term growth and success.

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