Mike Simmons

Mike helps founders, business leaders, and sales professionals find clarity and stop second guessing the work they do.  He does this through process, frameworks, methods, tools, & applied thinking

My focus

Help you and your team strengthen your culture, develop leaders, and execute through alignment, decision making, and accountability.

About Mike

With 22+ years working in high-growth tech companies as a revenue leader, Mike understands the importance of identifying what’s most important.
He is a coach, an enabler, and a leader who knows that legacy is built through developing better leaders. His work is built on a combination of processes, frameworks, methods, tools, & applied thinking.
Mike understands the importance of defining strategy (the How), and turning that into tactics (the What): it’s one thing to know what to do, it’s another thing to do it, and know what to do next. Mike has worked at SmartForce (acquired by SkillSoft), O’Reilly Media, and with clients such as Intel, Microsoft, MIT, the Walt Disney Company, Full Sail University, and a number of early-stage startups.

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