Karen Pierce

Karen is a leadership performance coach who combines her experience in international corporate leadership and consulting with her skills in business strategy, culture, and leadership development to transform organizations and their leaders across industries worldwide.

My focus

Karen helps senior leaders make better decisions and create a culture of collaboration and accountability to align their organizations and successfully execute their strategic goals faster and with better results.

About Karen

Karen Pierce is an accomplished international businesswoman, corporate leader, and pilot with 20 years of global corporate experience and 16 years in Asia. She utilizes her unique experience and expertise to transform companies into highly-focused, high-performing, agile organizations.

She is a master of blending methodologies, processes, and culture to focus organizations on WHAT is most important, alignment around executing it, and enabling intelligent decision-making to adapt to the rapidly changing business environment.  

Karen helps leaders create a culture that empowers their teams to innovate and problem-solve, freeing up time to focus on their critical executive strategic functions. Using her coaching methodology, leaders rapidly increase employee engagement, performance, and retention rates while significantly improving the employee experience.

Karen rose in the corporate world from the technology side as an aerospace engineer, then transitioned into marketing and business development.  She’s consulted for high-tech startups and Fortune 100 companies, developing winning teams, new product and commercialization strategies, and business systems and methodologies for rapid, profitable growth.

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