Jeff Dodge

I began my career with Aramark Uniform Services unloading trucks and worked my way up to a driver, district manager, business-to-business sales, sales manager, and branch manager. Over those 17 years, I received multiple performance awards before ultimately being recognized as Sales Manager of the Year in 2007-2008. This experience taught me the importance of effective sales, managing processes, and inspired me to look at other organizations where I could make a similar positive impact.

My focus

I’m interested in working with clients in either the manufacturing or service industries—with a preference to the sporting goods, hunting, camping, and firearms industries. Both small and midsize organizations would highly benefit from my ability to train and inspire leaders to develop their workforce to its full capacity

About Jeff

I shifted gears and entered the firearms industry as General Manager for Timney Triggers in 2009 and began training in development opportunities with various leadership development models, courses, systems, and programs. Over the following 12 years, I developed the ability to optimize a company’s profit while remaining passionate about working in a way that honors the human spirit, opens up the wealth of a team’s collective intelligence, and frees people to take initiative and demonstrate new levels of responsibility as valued contributors of a company’s success. 

As I continue to evolve, I recently transitioned to becoming a Certified MIND Methodology Coach to further the impact I can make with multiple organizations in a variety of industries. I help executives fully equip their employees with the tools and resources required to succeed, motivating teams to rise in meeting daily challenges. Effectively working at all levels of the organization, my coaching provides a strategic advantage to any business that wants to connect culture, strategy, and leadership development to financial results.  

 When not working with clients, I value family time with my wife and enjoy training in karate as a fourth-degree black belt and training in jiu-jitsu as a purple belt with my two adult sons and 9-year-old daughter.

Professional Development Achievements: 

  • Villanova University course completion: Lean Six Sigma-Black Belt Certificate 
  • Being a Leader and the Effective Exercise of Leadership-An Ontological/Phenomenological Model
  • Landmark Leadership Workshops
  • Certified MIND Leadership Business Development Coach
  • A long-time practitioner of The Collaborative Way

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