Gwen Bortner

If you think of your business as a vehicle, operations is the engine running it. Most operations professionals are mechanics — they can fix, tweak and improve what you have already in place. The problem is most businesses are jets trying fly on a Pinto engine. Gwen helps business owners redesign their operations so they have the jet engine needed to really take off.

Gwen Bortner portrait
My focus

I help CEOs and owners intentionally design their operations to create more effective outcomes in every aspect of their business.

About Gwen

Gwen Bortner is the founder of Everyday Effectiveness, a business operations advisory firm for visionary entrepreneurs whose success has outgrown their systems.


Her clients include:

  • founders of boutique consulting firms

  • top-level leadership coaches

  • craft industry manufacturers and retailers

  • leaders in higher education 

  • lawyers, real estate agents, and business witches

Before becoming a full-time business advisor in 2015, Gwen solved operations problems for corporate giants like General Mills and for niche companies like the world’s largest supplier of bull semen. To date, she’s advised executives, entrepreneurs, and solopreneurs in over 45 industries. 


Gwen is also a public speaker. As a member of the National Speakers Association (NSA), she serves on the board of the NSA’s Northern California chapter. 

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