Brett Ruiz

Brett is the author of “Blue Collar Entrepreneur: 9 Principles for Building a Business That Works for You” where he shares his own lessons learned and path to success as through his trial and error approach to running a company. by the most important number is exponentially successful. Please check out his book here.

My focus

Help you build a business that works for you by regaining control on your time and your business so you can experience a life of abundance and freedom. By blending his 9 Principles from his book along with tenets of the MIND Methodology™, Brett will help you and your team strengthen your culture, develop your leaders, and execute through alignment, decision making, and accountability.

About Brett

With 30+ years as an entrepreneur in the construction space and 5 years in the software space, Brett has a boots-on-the-ground coaching style and deep understanding of the struggels of entrepreneurship. Not only can he empathize with the challenges of business ownership, he brings solid solutions to get your business on track. As a MIND Certified Coach, his goal is to help you find the extreme joy entrepreneurship can bring by aligning you and your team to focus on the right work at the right time in the right order.

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