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Your Most Important Number

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Lee Benson's journey to the MIND Methodology

I started my entrepreneurial journey $600K in debt. At the time, there were only three employees, one being me. We had just lost 90 percent of our business. We had no money in the bank and very little in the way of equipment. But we had a good idea. In the first year, we earned $360K in sales, and over the next twenty years, we grew to 500 employees and added two additional companies doing business in sixty countries with 2,000 customers. It was through this journey that the MIND Methodology was born, and I am excited to share it to help you accelerate your business results.

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Value Creation Kid

The movement has begun— 50 million financially competent kids ready to succeed in the real world. Will you join us?

I was looking for a way to transfer my passion and purpose to our next generation

"Lee Benson facilitated our Annual Board Retreat utilizing the MIND Methodology and ignited a fire in our team that is still burning bright... Lee was able to help our team collectively solidify our common purpose and set realistic expectations in the midst of dreaming big. We are now able to assign the proper tasks to the right team members and more efficiently accomplish our goals."
Janelle Wood
Founder/CEO, Black Mothers Forum
Lee is a Genius, his enthusiasm for the MIND methodology is contagious and became an exponential boost for our team as it works within the company structure almost immediately.

"I don't know how far behind our team would be in reaching our goals if it wasn't for this system and Lee's leadership in allowing us to step into a well oiled machine that is his organizational process."

Lyle Maxson
CSO + Founder, GeniusX Inc.

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