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Your Most Important Number is the best-selling management and leadership book by Lee Benson. Based on Lee’s experience growing Able Aerospace into an industry leader, he clearly outlines how to improve your team’s alignment, decision-making, and accountability today!

Run your business smarter™

The MIND Methodology is a simple and sustainable framework to accelerate your business. Let our experts facilitate a complimentary session with your team and decide for yourself if MIND is a better way to get the results you seek.

Simplicity wins

Getting better results doesn’t have to be hard. The MIND Methodology™ simplifies the work you do to accelerate growth. The process feels natural so your team can easily sustain it.

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Real-world results

Focus your leaders on the bottom line
The MIND Methodology has enabled our teams to stay focused, driven, and excited.

"MIND allows us to be proactive towards our KPIs while boosting overall morale."
Nick Janicki
CEO & Founder, GeniusX Inc
The Most Important Number framework has been a game-changer for us.

"The MIND Methodology has helped the leadership teams of my most recent startup Gravystack rapidly focus and align on what is most important even in the face of all of the challenges, opportunities and changes that are happening in the FinTech space."
Scott Donnell
Founder of Apex Leadership Co., GravyStack
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