Improve your Most Important Number™

The Most Important Number and Drivers (MIND) Methodology™ is a simple, and sustainable system that improves your business results through better alignment, decision making, and accountability.

86% of employees and executives cite the lack of effective collaboration and communication as the main causes for workplace failures

The MIND Methodology eliminates these bottlenecks by improving how your team thinks about and executes in three critical areas.

Do you know your most important number?

Tap into this simple method to increase collaboration, achieve your strategy, and execute to win, starting today!

Real-world results

We started using the MIND Methodology when I first launched HeroMaker and the process helped us quickly and collaboratively grow as a team to accomplish great things. Keeping our highly talented team focused, communicating and collaborating on the right things as we scale to accomplish feats that have never been achieved before has empowered me to focus on achieving the vision.

Gareb Shamus
CEO, HeroMaker Studios
CEO, ACE Comic Con
Founder, Wizard Entertainment
The concept of a Most Important Number and focusing on key Drivers has helped my team grow and perform to get even better results during my 1 year sabbatical. We continue to use the methodology within our leadership team to provide an incredible member experience and valuable insights to help develop a strong community within Genius Network. Plus, I've introduced this framework to some of the other organizations I have invested in and it has accelerated their results and improved team focus.
Joe Polish
Founder, Genius Network

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